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ZZ Plant

Low to Bright Indirect Light & Bi-Weekly Watering

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  • Perfect for indoor spaces
  • Easy care and low maintenance
  • Stunning dark green foliage

ZZ Plant

Bring the ZZ plant into your home for a beautiful, durable tropical focal point that helps purify the air. These low-maintenance plants grow between 3-5' tall and bring an impressive look anywhere around the home that needs a touch of vertical interest. The ZZ Plant prefers to grow in shaded or partially shaded areas, so it's not necessary to place them near a window. In the warmer months, it only needs watered about once every three weeks (and just once a month in the winter). A sweet gift to bring fresh, growing color into the home of someone who doesn't have the time or capability to care for a needy plant. Zamioculcas zamiifolia
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