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Tea Camellia

Grow your own tea

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  • Used for green and black tea
  • Flowers reliably in fall and winter
  • Leaves are evergreen
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  • Tea Camellia
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  • Tea Camellia
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Tea Camellia

Southern tea–lovers, this is the shrub for you. It flowers reliably in fall and winter for zones 7–10, and its leaves are evergreen. What's most exciting about those leaves, is that you can pick them and make your own tea. You'll have a great conversation–starter with visitors, and the coolest homemade present. Ornamentally, this Camellia is an asset to your landscape as well. It blooms in late fall and winter, white flowers illuminating the sleepy winter landscape. You can even surprise your dinner guests with fresh floral tablescapes. A shade–lover, this shrub thrives in woodland gardens. Did you know all tea (not including herbal teas) comes from Camellia sinesis? You can make both green tea or black tea the difference is in how you dry the leaves. Green tea is dried right after harvesting, while black tea is crushed and allowed to oxidize.
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