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Tall Bearded Iris Grab Bag

The highest quality for planting in quantity

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  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height/Habit: 24 - 36 inches
  • Zone: 4-9
  • Flowering Date: Spring to Summer
  • Ship As: #1 RHIZOME
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Tall Bearded Iris Grab Bag

When it comes to planting tall bearded iris, you have options. You can create a gorgeous border brimming with large, frilled and ruffled, colorful blooms—they are hard to beat for elegance and style. They're also divine for a drought-tolerant mixed perennial border. They add diversity to the planting and make a lovely vertical accent with strong stalks and long, grasslike foliage. In both landscaping uses, the rule is; the more the merrier. The effect really doesn't work unless you've got enough iris blooms to fill out the display. That's why we're introducing the Tall Bearded Iris Grab Bag. Our experts have added many well-loved varieties to the mix, so you'll get a random assortment of six top-quality rhizomes in each grab bag. Each rhizome will be individually labeled.
Product Details
  • Season Fall
  • Unit of Measure6
  • Botanical NameIris Germanica mixed
  • Sun ExposureFull Sun
  • State RestrictionsAE AK GU HI PR VI
  • Spread12 - 24 inches
  • Spacing12 - 24 inches
  • Hardiness Zone4-9
  • Flowering DateSpring to Summer
  • Planting InstructionsPlant rhizome shallowly so bottom half is below ground level. Firm well and water thoroughly. Plant where they will get at least 5 hours of sun per day. Space 12-24'' apart.
  • Flower Color:mixed
  • Flower FormMixed forms
  • Foliage TypeMixed
  • Soil RequirementWell drained
  • Watering RequirementAverage water needs. Water regularly, do not overwater.
  • PruningRemove spent flowers stems after blooming. In late fall.
  • Additional InformationIt is important to amend clay soils before planting (add organic matter, sand, etc.), avoid heavy mulching to allow drainage, and divide plants immediately after flowering if overcrowding occurs.
  • Shipped#1 RHIZOME
  • Height/Habit24 - 36 inches
  • Growth RateMedium
Shipping Information
When will my order ship?

Plants will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the country during the shipping timeframes outlined below:

2019 Fall Shipping Schedule
Zone German Iris and Select Items
1A - 4B 8/12/19 - 11/1/19
5A 8/12/19 - 11/1/19
5B 8/12/19 - 11/1/19
6A & 6B 8/12/19 - 11/1/19
7A 8/12/19 - 11/15/19
7B 8/19/19 - 11/15/19
8A & 8B 8/19/19 - 11/15/19
9A-10B 8/19/19 - 11/15/19
Last Order Date Zones 1-6: 10/28/19
Zones 7-10: 11/11/19

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