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Snowy Beach Party™ Lilac

Blooms reliably in the South

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  • Extremely fragrant panicles
  • Bred for the South but fine in the North
  • Needs shorter period of winter chill

Snowy Beach Party™ Lilac

One of the first lilacs bred to perform in Southern gardens, Snowy Beach Party requires fewer chill hours than traditional lilacs, which usually need an extended snap of cold to flower the following spring. This truly beautiful shrub has incredibly fragrant panicles that burst with bright white florets in mid to late spring. Ideal as a specimen plant or hedge, it's tolerant of many soil types, needing only well-drained soil to thrive. And its low chill factor doesn't limit where you can plant this Southern belle. Excellent mildew resistance and a cold-hardy nature makes Snowy Beach Party Lilac well suited for most northern zones as well. Syringa vulgaris 'Snowy' Beach Party™
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