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Snow In Summer

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Snow In Summer

Spreading like beautiful snowflakes along any lawn or garden, the Snow in Summer plant (Cerastium tomentosum) is attractive and abundant with downy grayish-white colors spreading quickly across lawn borders. One of the leading ground cover flowering plants, this gorgeous ground cover works best with full sun exposure and works great in dry sunny banks with dry soil. Snow in Summer ground cover flowers in late spring or early summer, with flowers showing a white color with yellow stamens that fades to gray in deep sunlight. You'll see small star-shaped flowers with five petals that appear twice the size petal-wise due to being deeply divided. Foliage is linear with silver wooly leaves one-half inch to 1.25 inches long. Stunning leaves are just as nice for landscaping appearance as the bright white blooms everybody loves. And, its stunning leaves are as great for your landscape as the flowers!

Don't worry about pruning - the Snow in Summer Plant should be "good to go" for several months of maximum lawn border effect. The pristine snowlike appearance is the perfect complement for lawn borders seeming to cascade along the top of a wall or rim of a rock garden and landscaped lawn. Blooms are plentiful and growing is easy for this evergreen low spreading perennial that grows moderately to fast with deep sun environments. It reaches heights of three-to-six inches while spacing eight-to-10 inches apart.
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