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Shotgun Wedding Lenten Rose

Traffic–stopping color contrast

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  • Double-blooming hellebore
  • Dramatic color contrast
  • New from Hans Hanson's Wedding Party™ Series

Shotgun Wedding Lenten Rose

The hellebore breeder Hans Hansen has added new double varieties to his exquisite Wedding Party™ series, and they have exceeded all expectations. This variety in particular, Shotgun Wedding, is the center of attention even among other hellebores in bloom, thanks to the dramatic contrast between pristine white petals and their dark mottling. It'll bring this dramatic flair to borders and bouquets at a time of the season when that's most needed—the lingering tail–end of winter, when there's very little out of dormancy across the neighborhood. This sophisticated accent is the perfect lead–in to get you excited for spring. Bring a bouquet to the office and everyone will stop to comment. Lenten roses like a little shade, so this will also add an elegant, romantic touch to a woodland garden. Helleborus orientalis 'Shotgun Wedding' WEDDING PARTY™ series
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