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Red Heart Hibiscus Standard

Steals the summer spotlight

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  • Red Heart Hardy Hibiscus Standard Tree
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  • Red Heart Hibiscus Standard
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Red Heart Hibiscus Standard

Tropical–looking blooms you can't help but notice in the summer garden, thanks to the eye zone thrown into sharp relief against the white of the petals and green of the foliage. That's just one reason this hibiscus makes a fabulous specimen planting, it also grows to a mature height of 8–10' and boasts lush, handsome foliage. You can also plant several together, and create a gorgeous flowering hedge. Attracts butterflies and beneficial pollinators; rarely interests deer. You can get a head start with this one—we're shipping it now, more established and ready to go in the summer garden. Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart'
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