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Piilu™ Clematis

Heavily flowering from top to bottom

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  • Lilac–colored blooms resemble parasols
  • Hardy and floriferous—blooms on new growth
  • Grows quickly with excellent flower power

Piilu™ Clematis

These 3–4" flowers have two shades of lilac. They're prettily formed, resembling a lacy parasol. Piilu is known as one of the most heavily blooming clematis, with a wealth of blooms covering the vine from top to bottom. This means you can plant it as a potted patio accent and there won't be any bare or scraggly spots. It's produce beautiful double blooms in early summer on old wood, and single blooms again later in the season on new wood. In cooler climates, this compact vine will flower all season long. Clematis PIILU

Piilu™ Clematis is in the YELLOW pruning category. It blooms best on old wood, but it can also bloom on new wood. Use caution when pruning to retain healthy stems from last season for best flowering. See our Stoplight Pruning Guide for more information.

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