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Peppermint Pearl Wintergreen

A blast from the past with an icy white twist

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  • A beautiful, evergreen ground cover
  • Delicious, unusually colored, long-lasting fruit
  • Tolerates cold weather well

Peppermint Pearl Wintergreen

The foliage of Peppermint Pearl is lush and evergreen, the perfect no-stress ground cover. Flowers appear in midsummer, followed by late berries that have no problem hanging on through a chill. in fact, there's a reason early settlers used wintergreen as a Christmas decoration, and why we tend to associate the flavor with festive desserts—these berries perform exceptionally well in cold weather, and actually taste best after a hard frost. They'll last long in storage, especially if you freeze them. The unusual icy white color of Peppermint Pearl's fruit, along with the delightful wintergreen taste will make your holiday candies and baked goods the talk of the dessert table. Gaultheria procumbens 'Peppermint Pearl'
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