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Peppermint Forever and Ever® Hydrangea

Striking cut flowers

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  • Flower heads nearly 10" across
  • Blooms on old and new wood
  • Gorgeous with a stroke of color down each petal

Peppermint Forever and Ever® Hydrangea

Down the center of each petal, a brush stroke of color—pink in alkaline soil, blue in acidic soil—makes this hydrangea look particularly graceful. These mophead clusters grow nearly to 10" across. Peppermint Hydrangea blooms on old and new wood, so it's more reliable than the typical hydrangeas in northern climates. Even if a surprise spring frost takes some of the old–wood buds, new–wood buds create plenty of blooms to enjoy. Be sure to check your soil's pH level if you're looking for a specific bloom color. About 5.2-5.5 produces blue flowers, about 6.0-6.2 produces pink flowers. Hydrangea macrophylla 'REI14' PP18476
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