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Pastel Lilas Itoh Peony

Rare variety with beautiful form

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  • Hard-to-find new variety
  • Ombré petals make stamens pop
  • Very productive
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height/Habit: 21 - 25 inches
  • Zone: 3-9
  • Flowering Date: Late spring, early-mid summer
  • Ship As: 4" POT

Pastel Lilas Itoh Peony

Single flower forms on peonies hold their own against the doubles, because you can see the striking stamens shining out of the center of each bloom. This is especially gorgeous on Pastel Lilas, because the stylish ombré effect on the petals puts the deepest color right around the brilliant golden stamens. It's an Itoh peony, so it produces an abundance of gorgeous blooms through an extended season. It's also more disease resistant than its herbaceous and tree peony ancestors. Itohs are generally more difficult to find than herbaceous and tree peonies. This brand–new variety is even harder to find than most, so we're particularly proud to be offering it to you—albeit in a limited quantity. Paeonia 'Pastel Lilas'
Peonies have few requirements: give them a sunny well-drained location, plant 2-4' apart, with the eyes (new buds at the crown) no more than 2" below soil level and apply fertilizer or compost in spring. They take a while to establish, often 3 years before the first bloom—but the wait is worth it. They are heirloom quality. Let them grow undisturbed and they will bring joy to you and your loved ones through the decades.
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