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Oak Sedge

Graceful filler for dry shade

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  • Easy, resilient perennializer
  • Wheat-shaped flowers attract butterflies
  • An alternative to grass in dry shade

Oak Sedge

This compact sedge looks like the perfect mound of ornamental grass—a fountain of wispy foliage. Darker, wheat-shaped flowers add some intrigue to the look and attract butterflies. Oak Sedge native to woods and thickets, and it grows best in a shaded spot. It also benefits from well-drained soil, so this is one of those coveted dry-shade plants. The spaces under trees and eaves can be difficult to grow anything in—even grass—because of how little light and water they offer. But the rare plant that actually prefers dry and shady conditions, like Oak Sedge, can turn a headache into a thing of beauty. What's more, it's easy to care for. It's resilient once established, perennializes well and deer tend not to bother it. Besides its usefulness as a ground cover, it's also handy for a shaded rock garden, borders and container gardening. Carex pensylvanica 'Oak Sedge'
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