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Nubia Clematis

Best red clematis so far

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  • Blooms again towards the end of summer
  • Ideal habit for container gardening
  • Rare bright red blooms

Nubia Clematis

Have you noticed that many "red" clematis blooms are a darker maroon color? They're all lovely, but if you're hoping for a true, bright red to draw attention in your landscape, look no further than Nubia. It requires one hard pruning in late winter to early spring, then it'll produce a nice bushy habit and flowers covering the vine from top to bottom—lovely shape for a container. It'll grow quickly to a mature height of 4–5'. It can easily be trained up a fence or trellis, or let it crawl through a perennial border. Not only do you get blooms in late spring to early summer, but it also blooms again later in the season. Clematis 'Evipo059'

Nubia Clematis is in the GREEN pruning category. It blooms on old and new wood, so prune as often or as fully as you like to promote reblooming. See our Stoplight Pruning Guide for more information.

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