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Nectar Protector

Keep ants from ruining nectar

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  • Creates a moat between the nectar and ants
  • Clear bowl color won't confuse hummingbirds
  • Easy to clean and refill
73201-Nectar Protector

1 per pack $6.99

We ship this item year-round.

Nectar Protector

Introducing a truly innovative and fool-proof way to keep pesky ants from ruining your hummingbird's nectar—the Nectar Protector. Seemingly simple, yet it is the most effective product of its kind on the market today. The lightweight cup attaches easily to the top of any hummingbird feeder, and acts as a moat between ants and the nectar. Nectar Protector provides a barrier that ants can't penetrate—they simply walk into the water and drown. The clear bowl color won't confuse hummingbirds, either. Plus, it lets you see when more water is needed. Easy to clean and refill. Includes S hook for easy installation. Made in the U.S.A. 5"L x 4"W x 4"D. Hummingbirds never fail to bring joy to the garden or landscape. Their habit of hovering and darting from here to there makes them a vast source of entertainment. Though it may seem effortless, it actually takes a great deal of energy for hummingbirds to zip around the garden. A sweet nectar from easy-to-access feeders is key to maintaining the hummingbird's energy levels and hydration as they look for food and a suitable nesting site. Make sure you have just what these little charmers need to stay healthy and happy throughout the seasons.
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  • Season Year-round
  • Unit of Measure1
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