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Naturalizing Box Collection

A sweet gift for a new home

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  • Blooms in a variety of colors and textures
  • Multiplies for a more impressive display each year
  • Flowers from early spring to early summer
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit: 2 - 10 inches
  • Zone: 3-8
  • Flowering Date: Early Spring to Summer (February to June)
60853-Naturalizing Box Collection

100 per pack $29.99

We ship this item in Fall

Naturalizing Box Collection

Naturalizing is handy and creates a beautiful glow about an area. You cover the space in pretty, low growing blooms so it will look nice without you having to drag the mower over it every other week. Plus, it has that sort of wildflower look that makes a garden feel free, natural and charming. You just need a good variety of low-growing, fast-spreading flowers in a variety of colors and textures. That's exactly what you'll get in this Naturalizing Box Collection. Through staggered bloom times, you'll have a nice floral display from early spring to early summer. And then, as the years progress, these 100 top-quality bulbs will multiply. Includes varieties that attract pollinators and smell magnificent. Perfect for quickly filling in a new garden bed and gifting as a housewarming present.
Product Details
  • Season Fall
  • Unit of Measure100
  • Botanical NameNarcissus 'Minnow,' Tulipa daesystemon 'Tarda,' Crocus vernus 'Tricolor' mix, Allium ostrokowskianum, Muscari armeniacum, Anemone 'De Caen,' Galanthus nivalis
  • Sun ExposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • State RestrictionsAE AK GU HI ID PR WA
  • Spread4 - 10 inches
  • Spacing4 - 10 inches
  • Hardiness Zone3-8
  • Flowering DateEarly Spring to Summer (February to June)
  • Planting InstructionsPlant 2-5'' deep and space 4-6'' apart. Plant in well drained, humus rich soils in full sun to partial shade areas.
  • Winter CareMulch in northern climates
  • Flower Color:mixed
  • Flower FormMixed
  • Foliage TypeMixed
  • Soil RequirementMoist, well drained
  • Watering RequirementWater well when planting and regulary once leaves begin to appear
  • PruningLet foliage mature and die down naturally. The leaves are providing nourishment for bulbs to produce future growth and blooms.
  • Additional InformationContains: 20 Minnow Daffodil bulbs 15 Wild Tulip bulbs 15 Crocus bulbs 15 Pink Allium bulbs (cannot be shipped to ID or WA) 15 Grape Hyacinth bulbs 15 De Caen Anemone bulbs 5 Snowdrop bulbs
  • Height/Habit2 - 10 inches
  • Growth RateMedium
Shipping Information
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