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Mediterranean Olive

Ornamental, glossy leaves

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  • Grow it inside or outside
  • Long, leathery, gray-green foliage
  • Self-pollinating
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  • Mediterranean Olive - 3" pot
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  • Mediterranean Olive - 2 QT
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Mediterranean Olive

A rustic old-world species tree that can be used indoors or out. In midsummer, small creamy white blooms appear all over this ancient ornamental, contrasting beautifully with the long, leathery, gray-green foliage. In early to mid fall, small, oblong green olives that ripen to deep, rich black are ready to be picked and enjoyed as a quick and healthy snack, or chopped into salads or your favorite Mediterranean dishes. If not in a warm climate, bring this plant indoors to overwinter. Fruiting begins within one to two years of planting. Mediterranean Olive will grow larger if planted in the ground in a suitable climate. This self-pollinating tree prefers full sun. Olea europaea

Tree •Z8-10 •H8-10'XW3-4'•Sun

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