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Marble Queen Pothos

Medium to Bright Indirect Light

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  • Easy care and low maintenance
  • Multicolored leaves
  • Perfect for low-light environments

Marble Queen Pothos

Of course we've all seen Pothos before—it's the ideal houseplant. However, the unusual pattern on Marble Queen's leaves gives it a whole new level of distinction. Plant it in a decorative pot and let it tumble over the edge of a bookshelf, the elegant marbling creating a worldly look in your home library. We also like this one for the hanging basket, as the waterfall of color really refreshes a room. It has all the benefits of any Pothos—it thrives in low light so you won't need to crowd a window, it needs hardly any attention past regular watering, plus it's tough, fast-growing and reacts well to pruning. Handy, beautiful, you'll love this in your home. Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'
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