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Lemon Surprise Dracaena

Bright Indirect Light & Bi-Weekly Watering

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  • Brightly-colored leaves
  • Excellent for low-light apartments and houses
  • Low-maintenance and easy care

Lemon Surprise Dracaena

This splendid tropical houseplant features long, pointed, multicolored leaves that burst from the center of the plant in staggered layers. It only needs watering when the soil begins to dry out, and even then, just enough to keep the soil moist. Though Lemon Surprise Draecena's colors are especially vibrant when it gets some direct sunlight, it can thrive in partially or fully shaded environments. Handy for apartment dwellers with few windows. Because it's so easy and low maintenance, this houseplant makes a considerate gift. It'll bring a lot of lively energy into a room, but it won't take much effort by the recipient. Draecena 'Lemon Surprise'
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