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Key Lime Tree

Glossy foliage & edible fruit

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  • Yields juicy, delicious fruit
  • Flowers are sweetly fragrant
  • Blooms open year-round
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  • Key Lime Tree - 2 QT
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  • Key Lime Tree - 4" Pot
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Key Lime Tree

Add a tropical twist to your outdoor space or indoor décor with this Dwarf Key Lime Tree. You will enjoy glossy evergreen foliage, sweetly fragrant flowers and juicy, edible fruit all on one small-statured ornamental. Flowers all year long when the plant is kept at a warm temperature, either indoors or out. Springtime blooms are more abundant in order to ready the tree for fruiting in the summer months. Move the plant outdoors during the warmer seasons to let bees take care of the pollination for you. Though this is a relatively small plant—it reaches only about 6-8' tall at maturity—it offers loads of tart, sweet fruit. Citrus aurantifolia

Tree •Z9-10 •H3-5'XW3-5'•Sun

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