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I Love Lavender Collection

Because one lavender is never enough

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I Love Lavender Collection

Lavender alters your mood, lifts your spirits and generally improves your outlook on life whenever you encounter its heady scent. Add to that, lavender is a snap to care for, important for attracting bees and pollinators, and great for drying. It's easy to see why so many lavender varieties are on the market today. These three varieties are all the English perennial type, which are the toughest and survive in most parts of the country, thriving in hot, sunny locations with good drainage, and perfect for the drought-resistant garden. They vary slightly in height, from Munstead at about 1-2' to Phenomenal at 2-3', but planting all three ensures the broadest range of stem length and bloom times. Why choose one cultivar, when with this value-priced collection of three, you can try them all? Collection contains one each of: Lavendula 'Hidcote Superior', Lavendula 'Phenomenal', Lavendula 'Munstead'. Total 3 plants.
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