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Apple Honeycrisp Reachables®

Ideal for fresh eating

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  • Especially cold-hardy tree
  • Renowned flavor and texture
  • Part of the Reachables® line—harvest without the ladder

Apple Honeycrisp Reachables®

Honeycrisp has been popular ever since it was introduced, the crunchy texture and honey-sweet flavor make it second to none for eating fresh. Developed by the University of Minnesota, it's also one of the most cold-hardy apple trees. This is one of the Reachables® varieties, which stays compact enough to easily manage. The pruning, spraying and picking fruit can all be done while standing on the ground. Gone are the days you'll need room for a full orchard to enjoy fresh, sun-ripened fruit. With the aid of a cold-hardy pollinator, it'll produce delicious September apples. Apple trees can take a lot of time to establish well enough to produce fruit, but this variety may begin production in under two years! It will produce a heavier crop every other year. Honeycrisp is sometimes susceptible to bitter pit, but decreased potassium fertilizer and a calcium foliar spray can prevent the disorder. Malus domestica 'Honeycrisp'
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