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Grif's Select Hardy Gardenia

Exceptional winter hardiness

  • Sun Exposure: Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit: 36 - 48 inches
  • Zone: 6-10
  • Flowering Date: Spring
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Grif's Select Hardy Gardenia

Think growing gardenias is out of reach? You may want to give this compact gardenia a try. Unlike most gardenia cultivars, Grif's Select is reported to be winter hardy to zone 6 with some protection. Plant near an entrance to your home or a patio and enjoy its 3" white, daisy-like flowers and intense fragrance. The flowers look stunning against the glossy, dark green, evergreen foliage, and showy red seed capsules, or hips, add to its attractiveness. An introduction from the late J.C. Raulston of North Carolina State University, Grif's Select is noted for its compact form, small leaves and winter hardiness. It prefers neutral to acidic soil. Most gardenia cultivars are winter hardy to zones 7 or 8. It was reportedly developed from seed obtained by Michael Dirr from the Beijing Botanic Garden. Gardenia 'Grif's Select'
Product Details
  • Season Spring
  • Unit of Measure1
  • Botanical NameGardenia jasminoides 'Grif's Select'
  • Sun ExposurePartial Shade
  • State RestrictionsAE AK GU HI PR
  • Spread36 - 48 inches
  • Spacing36 - 48 inches
  • Hardiness Zone6-10
  • Flowering DateSpring
  • Planting InstructionsDappled shade is best planting location.
  • Winter CareNot reliably hardy north of zone 7 or winter temperatures of 0 degrees F.
  • Flower Color:white
  • Flower FormCorolla spreads out somewhat flat with layered petals.
  • Foliage TypeEvergreen, rounded at the tips with a glossy dark green color.
  • Soil RequirementFertile, humus enriched soil that is neutral to acidic.
  • PruningMinimal pruning to shape plants. Any time during growing season.
  • Additional InformationIntroduction from the late J.C. Raulston of North Carolina State University.
  • Unique CharactersticsMissouri Botanical Garden: Most cultivars of Gardenia jasminoides are winter hardy to USDA Zones 7 or 8 to 10. 'Grif's Select' is noted for having exceptional winter hardiness and is reported to be winter hardy to USDA Zone 6 with protection. It is best grown in humusy, organically rich, acidic, well-drained soils in part shade. Consider raised plantings in areas with heavy clay soil. Water plant soils consistently. Plants appreciate significant humidity year-round. In the St. Louis area, plants may be grown in the ground in protected locations with a good organic root mulch or may be grown in pots or containers in indoor conservatories. Container plants may be taken outside in summer, but should be brought indoors in late summer/early fall for overwintering. As an indoor plant, grow this gardenia in bright light with moderate room temperatures. Water moderately, but do not allow soils to dry out. Prune as needed after flowering to shape. Fertilize as needed from March to August. Gardenias need lots of attention and are generally considered to be difficult plants to grow well. 'Grif's Select' is a compact cultivar that typically grows to 3-4' tall and as wide. It is particularly noted for its compact form, small leaves fragrant daisy-like white summer flowers (to 3" diameter), showy red seed capsules (hips) and excellent winter hardiness. 'Grif's Select' was reportedly developed from seed obtained by Michael Dirr from the Beijing Botanic Garden.
  • Shipped4" POT
  • Height/Habit36 - 48 inches
  • Growth RateModerate.
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