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Green Wheel Hens and Chicks

Lovely, tightly-packed rosettes

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  • Spreads and naturalizes
  • Very easy—resistant to heat, drought, and deer
  • Low-maintenance ground cover or container plant

Green Wheel Hens and Chicks

Green Wheel is mesmerizing. Layer after layer of pointy leaves form a carpet of tightly packed rosettes. It thrives best in very well drained soil, so it's ideal for sunny rock gardens. It's also shallow-rooted so it'll perform well in more shallow containers—great news for creative potter and DIY crafter. You'd be hard pressed to find an easier plant to grow, hens and chicks are tolerant to heat and drought, and rarely of any interest to deer. They're a dream for the busy gardener, needing practically no maintenance. Hens and chicks spread well by themselves. The "hen" produces a circle of offshoots, or "chicks." Then, after a few years, the hen stretches out, blooms, and fades. At that point the chicks will begin to grow to fill in where the hen was. You can move the chicks at any time to increase your Green Wheel spread. Sempervivum 'Green Wheel'
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