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Dynamite Bam!™ Rose

Just blooms and blooms and blooms and….

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Dynamite Bam!™ Rose

When you work with breeders, plant nuts and passionate gardeners every day, it's easy to get jaded by the claims of every new introduction. Bred in Europe, this rose turned our heads when we first heard of it and it's proving in trials to be worthy of the hype. Of 1,500 contenders, this rose was originally selected for commercial container rose growers' use, because the breeding focused in part on a "quick finish." In other words, it blooms profusely at an early age and keeps blooming right up to frost. This is great news for the grower and retailer, but what does it do for you? It means that you're going to experience loads of blooms, all summer long, and you can plant this flower machine wherever you want vivid color without fuss. Think annuals without the expense of replacing every year. Add extremely clean, disease resistant foliage, hybrid-tea shaped magenta-red blossoms and a compact habit, and you have a solution for walkways, containers and low hedges that can't be beat. Rosa 'Dynamite Bam!™'
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