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Juliet™ Dwarf Cherry

The sweetest bush cherry we've found

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  • Easily maintainable size; great fruit harvest
  • A standout for its sweet flavor
  • Hardy to -40 degrees Farenheit
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height/Habit: 5 - 10 feet
  • Zone: 2-7
  • Flowering Date: Spring with harvest early to midsummer and a little later in northern areas.
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  • Juliet™ Dwarf Cherry
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  • Juliet™ Dwarf Cherry
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Juliet™ Dwarf Cherry

Juliet's cherries have a rich, complex flavor that's favored for eating fresh. However, this delightful stone fruit is also useful in baking, jams and ice cream. The fruit freezes beautifully. Growing just 5-to 8- ft. tall, Juliet is a breeze to care for and harvest, yet still yields up to 25-lbs. of fruit. Abundant, white flowers, glossy green foliage and attractive bush habit allow it to double as an ornamental. A great choice for incorporating into the landscape or planting in a large container. Generally, the harvest will come in early to midsummer, although it tends to ripen later in northern zones. Self-pollinating. Prunus fruticosa x Prunus cerasus 'Juliet'
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