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Desert Sunset Annual Collection

Add fauna to your flora

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Desert Sunset Annual Collection


It's commonly known that brightly colored, tubular flowers hold the most nectar, and are particularly attractive to hummingbirds. Therefore, the two forms of Fuchsia in this collection will virtually guarantee hummingbirds will visit your patio or terrace when they're in the neighborhood. Perfect for those sites where hot sun shines for part of the day, but shade moves in as well. The various shades of red, pink and green are vibrant, but the results are subtle, not garish. The foliage of the Autumnale Fuchsia just improves as summer progresses and the resulting coppery tones are beyond compare. We're in love. Collection contains one each (enough for a 14-16" pot) of: Gartenmeister Fuchsia, Autumnale Fuchsia, Molten Coral Coleus, Cora® Cascade Peach Blush Vinca, Gold Threads Alternathera, Yellow Canary Impatiens.

About our Glenwood Annual Collections: We are so pleased to have partnered with Kathy Charvat, Naturalist at Glenwood Gardens, part of Great Parks of Cincinnati, to design unique container collections for us; combining annuals, tropical plants and even edibles for you to try on your patio or terrace. Her imaginative selections will encourage you to explore plant combinations you may never have thought of attempting, as well as attract hummingbirds, bees and the envy of visiting friends and neighbors. Kathy's enthusiasm for the unique and well-coordinated (or as she puts it "plants that play well together") is infectious and her eye for subtle color relationships is unmatched.

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