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Dawn Redwood

Fast- growing deciduous conifer

  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit: 70 - 100 feet
  • Zone: 4-8
65157-Dawn Redwood

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Dawn Redwood

This fast-growing deciduous tree is a popular ornamental. Its needle-like foliage appears evergreen in the summer before turning deep gold to orange-brown in the fall. Growing 3-4' annually, it reaches a mature height of 70-100'. Plant in full sun. Ships as 2-3' bareroot. Zones 4-8. Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Product Details
  • Season Spring
  • Unit of Measure1
  • Botanical NameMetasequoia glyptostroboides
  • Type of FruitBrown cascading cones up to 1".
  • Sun ExposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • State RestrictionsAE AK GU HI PR
  • Spread25 feet
  • Spacing25 feet
  • Hardiness Zone4-8
  • Planting InstructionsSet at the same level it is at in the container, firm and water in well. Easy to transplant and requires no special treatment. Large tree should not be planted in small yard.
  • Winter CareNone special.
  • Flower Color:green
  • Flower FormMonoecious (has both sexes on same tree); male racemes, female solitary.
  • Foliage TypeFeathery-pyramidal large tree with a strongly taped leader and upright branching. Deciduous, flattened needle-like (taxus) 1 1/2" long, bright green.
  • Soil RequirementPrefer moist, well-drained soil.
  • PruningSeldom requires pruning due to neat, uniform habit and excessive pruning ruins its form.
  • Unique CharactersticsGrows 3-4 feet a year up to 50 feet tall. Trees were found in 1941 growing in China. Before that, it was thought to be extinct. Species has been growing & reproducing for 50 million years. It is considered a living fossil.
  • Shipped2-3' BAREROOT
  • Height/Habit70 - 100 feet
  • Growth RateMedium
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