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Crissie Bird's Nest Fern

Pet Friendly & Needs Moist Soil

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  • Long, bright fronds
  • Distinctive bird's nest-shaped foliage
  • Easy care and low maintenance

Crissie Bird's Nest Fern

The long, bright leaves of this impressive fern spring up from a central stalk, suspended high over the edges of its container—a sight reminiscent of a large bird's nest. In fact, these magnificent ferns can grow up to 48' in diameter, bringing a marvelous burst of interest to any room in the home. Crissie Bird's Nest Fern thrives in partial shade, although it needs some regular, indirect sunlight. Most houseplants make rooms feel refreshed just by bringing some green, growing beauty to the scene. However Crissie Bird's Nest takes it one step further, as it grows it helps purify the air. Asplenium antiquum 'Crissie'
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