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Classic Pink Camellia

A Southern favorite for shady spaces

  • Sun Exposure: Full Shade, Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit: 5 feet
  • Zone: 7-10
  • Flowering Date: Mid spring
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Classic Pink Camellia

Clear a space in your landscape for this shade-loving shrub and you'll be treated to a true flower show from late fall to early spring. A flurry of soft pink double blooms cover this evergreen shrub, making a delightful display in darkened borders, cutting gardens and woodland areas. Camellias are surprisingly easy to grow with an extended bloom time that is beyond compare. Generations of Southern gardeners have loved this Classic Pink variety for their lush flowers and glossy, deep green foliage. Both the showy blooms and foliage can be brought indoors to be enjoyed in cut-flower bouquets and fresh floral arrangements. Camellia japonica 'Classic Pink' PP16547
Product Details
  • Season Spring
  • Unit of Measure1
  • Botanical NameCamellia japonica 'Classic Pink' PP#16,547
  • Sun ExposureFull Shade, Partial Shade
  • State RestrictionsAE AK GU HI PR
  • Spread4 feet
  • Spacing4 feet
  • Hardiness Zone7-10
  • Flowering DateMid spring
  • Flower Color:pink
  • Flower FormComparatively flat flowers with many rows of petals, slightly ruffled.
  • Foliage TypeMedium green fleshy leaves with serrated edges.
  • Soil RequirementWell-drained soil
  • Watering RequirementKeep soil moist but do not over water.
  • Unique Charactersticslearn2grow: Japanese camellia is a large, broadleaf evergreen shrub to small tree that originates from eastern Asia. It has a compact, upright to spreading habit and attractive smooth gray branches that are furnished with oval, glossy, dark green leaves. From late winter to early spring, it bears large, waxy flowers which are excellent for cutting. The cultivar 'Classic Pink' is a compact plant with very dark green foliage and exceptional cold hardiness. It has a rounded habit and is of medium height. Large, double, formal blooms which means there are rows of overlapping petals and no gold reproductive structures visible in the center of the flowers are pale pink and appear late in the season, winter to spring. Camellia prefers partial sun to partial shade but will tolerate full sun once established, though sunscald may be a problem. The soil should be moist, acid and well-drained. This plant is notoriously slow-growing, slow to establish and shallow rooted. A thick layer of organic mulch will protect the roots and facilitate better growth. Regular irrigation and applications of fertilizer promote good growth and flowering, though plants will tolerate periods of drought. Prune after flowering, just before new growth starts in the spring. Selective, light pruning and shaping is recommended and shearing is not. Camellia do not recover well from harsh pruning practices. The evergreen leaves and tender flower buds may suffer from sunscald and wind desiccation in winter, so avoid planting camellia in highly exposed areas. In the landscape, it may be used in hedges, foundations, mixed borders or as a specimen plant.
  • Shipped4" POT
  • Height/Habit5 feet
  • Growth RateSlow to Moderate
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