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Bulb Basket Kit

Protect your bulb garden

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  • Keeps the squirrels and rodents out
  • Easily lift tender bulbs in fall
  • Marked depth lines for easy planting
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  • Bulb Basket Kit
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Bulb Basket Kit

We know. After carefully designing your perfect bulb garden and planting everything just right… there is nothing worse than a squirrel digging up and nibbling everything to bits. Defend your prized bulb planting with the Bulb Basket Kit. Inconspicuous in green, this basket is large enough for even the big tulip bulbs. It's constructed from durable plastic, with holes so the stems can grow out but the rodents can't get in. It's convenient when planting, because it has marked depth lines. It also helps with tender summer bulbs like dahlias, calla lilies and gladiolus. Those need to be carefully lifted in fall in most zones. This basket has recessed handles, so you can simply pull up the full planting, no problem. 6"H, 10"W, 10"D
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