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Bombes Away Peony Collection

High–impact plants

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  • Unusual, gorgeous flower form
  • Contrasting colors in the staminodes
  • Lasts for decades with little maintenance

Bombes Away Peony Collection

Named after the French dessert, bombe, these blooms feature longer guard petals encircling especially showy centers. The flash of illuminating, contrasting color, and the unusual shapes of the staminodes show just how dynamic the peony can be. Plant in a place where visitors can examine the blooms up close—because they will certainly want to. Despite how sophisticated the blooms look, these peonies are actually quite easy to grow. They require at least 6 hours of sun and well–drained soil, and once established, prefer very little maintenance from you. They can thrive in the garden for decades. Includes Bowl of Beauty, Gay Paree and Plainsman.
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