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Blue Jean Baby Russian Sage

Compact stems won't split or lodge

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  • Provides for pollinators when food isn't plentiful
  • Sage-like fragrance discourages deer
  • Grows quickly; blooms abundantly

Blue Jean Baby Russian Sage

Russian Sage can sometimes lodge or split, its long, beautiful stems toppling over instead of standing tall in the garden bed. That's why we like the compact habit of Blue Jean Baby. It's not so heavy and won't flop over. It is big in the eco–friendly garden. It blooms from midsummer all the way into fall, so it'll provide some late season food for your neighborhood's bees and butterflies. You'll get a sage–like fragrance as you walk by, which you may enjoy, but deer and rabbits will not find very appetizing. Great for a fast–growing border addition. We also suggest creating some cut– and dried–flower bouquets with the abundant blooms. Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Blue Jean Baby' PP29281
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