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Best Grasses for Sunny Borders Collection

Specially designed ornamental mix

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  • Diverse in color and form
  • Especially drought-tolerant grasses
  • Easy multi-season interest
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  • Best Grasses for Sunny Borders Collection
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  • Fox Trot Fountain Grass
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  • Blackhawks Big Bluestem
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  • Hot Rod Switchgrass
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  • Blonde Ambition Grass
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Best Grasses for Sunny Borders Collection

Landscapers are loving ornamental grasses, but they can be overlooked in home gardens. We get it, we've found the average garden center variety to be a little lackluster too. However, Spring Hill Nurseries R&D farm manager, Jeff Bartley, put together a collection that really shows what an ornamental grass can do. These varieties are foolproof, especially in full sun borders where their drought tolerance (once established) is incredibly useful. The long, slender, upright-to-arching blades add tons of graceful texture. With these five varieties there's also a surprising amount of color variation, from the burgundy blades of Hot Rod to the blue tones of Standing Ovation. The plant forms and seed heads are all distinctive too. Foxtrot's bottlebrush seed heads create a soft feature over a fountain of green foliage, while Blonde Ambition's seed heads take a swift 90° turn, sticking out horizontally like a flag mid-breeze. You'll get nearly four seasons of interest out of this collection, including some lovely fall color-changes. The collection includes Blackhawks, Blonde Ambition, Hot Rod, Fox Trot and Standing Ovation. Andropogon gerardii 'Blackhawks', Bouteloua gracillis 'Blonde Ambition', Panicum virgatum 'Hot Rod', Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Fox Trot', Schizachyrium scoparium 'Standing Ovation'
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