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Bee Balm Mix

A pollinator-friendly mix for a sunny spot

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  • A hummingbird magnet
  • Fragrant foliage
  • Can bloom late into the summer

Bee Balm Mix

Attract hummingbirds and beneficial pollinators with aromatic leaves and frilly flower heads. You will get three quality 3" pots in a mix of complementary colors—white, pink, purple or red. Blooms early to midsummer. A good choice for sunny back borders, and great companion to other sun-lovers like Shasta daisies. If deadheaded regularly, this mix will keep blooming late into summer. Every three or four years, you can divide the clumps. You can either spread them out and increase the size of your display or share some with a lucky gardening friend. Because of that spicy mint perfume, rabbits and deer tend not to bother Bee Balm. Monarda didyma 'Panorama Mix'
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