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Apple Pixie Crunch™ Reachables®

An incredibly sweet treat

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  • Even sweeter than Honey Crisp
  • Cooks well for impressive baking
  • Part of the Reachables® line—harvest without the ladder

Apple Pixie Crunch™ Reachables®

Even sweeter than the renowned Honey Crisp anyone can find in stores, this is the perfect apple for eating fresh. Or if you're working on your perfect fall dessert, give this a try. It cooks perfectly tender, and you can cut back on sugar. This is one of the Reachables® varieties, which stays compact enough to easily manage. The pruning, spraying and picking fruit can all be done while standing on the ground. Gone are the days you'll need room for a full orchard to enjoy fresh, sun-ripened fruit. It'll make a nice accent piece in your garden, and there's a sort of fairytale beauty with apples in a garden. This apple tree is not self-pollinating. However, if you don't have room for another apple tree, a good pollinator is the crab apple tree. Crab apple trees are very common, so the chances of having a pollinator nearby are high. Malus domestica 'Pixie Crunch' PP13871
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