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Apple Crunch-A-Bunch™ PPAF REACHABLES® 2-4 FT

Delicious flavor at your fingertips

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  • Juicy, sweet-tart flavor with a hint of pineapple
  • Apples can be refrigerated for up to 8 months
  • Part of the Reachables® line—harvest without the ladder
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height/Habit: 7 - 9 feet
  • Zone: 5-8
  • Flowering Date: Early to mid season
  • Ship As: REACHABLES [R] 2-4 FT
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Apple Crunch-A-Bunch™ PPAF REACHABLES® 2-4 FT

Crunch-A-Bunch apples combine look, texture and flavor excellently. The golden skin is prettily blushed with pink. Ripe fruit is juicy and crisp, and the sweet-tart flavor has the slightest hint of pineapple. It's perfect for making cider and baking into desserts, too. They'll ripen in about mid-September, and if you don't eat them all right away, you can refrigerate them for up to 8 months. That means you can enjoy delicious homegrown apples, even in winter. This is part of the Reachables® line, so harvest time doesn't have to be a hassle. With a more modest height, the average person can harvest the majority of the apples without having to pull out the ladder. This apple tree is not self pollinating. However if you don't have room for another apple tree, a good pollinator is the crab apple tree. Crab apple trees are very common, so the chances of having a pollinator nearby are high. It Malus domestica '4-10'
Product Details
  • Season Spring
  • Unit of Measure1
  • Botanical NameMalus domestica '4-10' PP29126
  • Sun ExposureFull Sun
  • State RestrictionsAE AK GU HI PR
  • Spread6 - 7 feet
  • Spacing6 - 7 feet
  • Hardiness Zone5-8
  • Flowering DateEarly to mid season
  • Planting InstructionsLocate plantin g depth indicator on tree, the marked line above the tree's root system.
  • Flower Color:red
  • Foliage TypeTree form is deciuous, spreading & twiggy
  • Soil RequirementWell-drained, fertile soil.
  • PruningThere are normally two goals when pruning an apple tree: 1. Initially on young trees to encourage a strong, solid framework 2. On mature trees to maintain shape and encourage fruit production. The best time to prune apple trees is in late winter or very early spring before any new growth starts. Pr
  • Additional InformationMedium red colored, medium sized fruit, elongated round in shape. Flavor is super sweet, incredibly crisph, and very juicy.
  • ShippedREACHABLES [R] 2-4 FT
  • Height/Habit7 - 9 feet
  • Growth RateModerate. 5-10 bushels/season at maturity.
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