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All Summer Clematis Collection

Months of unique blooms

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  • An entire season of blooms
  • Striking in containers and the garden
  • Three varieties—General Sikorski, Hagley and Bees' Jubilee

All Summer Clematis Collection

Charming and floriferous, clematis add beauty to gardens and landscapes. These vines create elegant vertical displays as they climb up fences, trellises, lampposts, mailboxes, and even other plants. It's no wonder they're a favorite among gardeners. Our team selected three outstanding varieties that will provide an entire season of blooms. The All Summer Clematis Collection really showcases the spectacular features clematis have to offer. Each variety was selected for its bloom time and striking flowers. The collection includes General Sikorski, Hagley and Bees' Jubilee. Bees' Jubilee reblooms with flowers in varied shades of pink, from white petals with faded pink bars to pink with dark cerise stripes. The flowers are large, growing 6–8" across, on a plant that remains relatively compact at 8–10' tall. After a very early–spring pruning, Hagley will grow compact, bushy and floriferous—the ideal habit for pots and window boxes. It blooms on new wood, the flowers range from fully pink to nearly white—give it partial shade to keep the colors from bleaching. General Sikorski produces predominantly large 6–8", semi–double flowers during the first bloom and single ones during the August rebloom. It is extremely floriferous, which looks great in containers. Collection includes one each of: Clematis 'General Sikorski', 'Hagley', 'Bees' Jubilee'
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