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Self Watering Plant Tower

Growing vines for busy gardeners

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  • Self watering from 2 liter reservoir
  • Easy assembly; easy to move
  • Your choice of dark slate gray or chartreuse
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  • Self Watering Plant Tower-gray
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Self Watering Plant Tower

When convenience is key, you'll be so thankful for the ease of a self-watering system. Simply pour water into the hole on the side of the base, and it will store in the reservoir at the bottom. Plants will soak up the water as needed, no trekking out on demanding days to water your plants. It's very easy to assemble; no tools are required to put this tower together. Just choose between dark slate gray or chartreuse, whichever fits your garden best. We like it especially for flowering patio vines--the tower provides some hardscaping to define an edge and the beautiful blooms on high brighten a corner and direct traffic. It's also a nice way to grow vining edible plants like tomatoes and passion fruit at a home with little-to-no garden space. Change your mind on the location? No problem, it's lightweight and easy to reposition. 5' height; 16L soil volume; 2L water storage.
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