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Carpet phlox for colorful ground cover; tall phlox for beautiful borders.


  • Sherwood Purple Woodland Phlox
    Sherwood Purple Woodland Phlox Sherwood Purple Woodland Phlox
  • Tall Phlox Jeana
    Tall Phlox Jeana
    Tall Phlox Jeana
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Turn a dull, lifeless garden into a lush landscape with phlox from Spring Hill Nurseries. These perennial plants are best known for their profuse, carpet-like blooming habit that makes them an excellent choice for a ground cover or dense border. Spires of majestic foliage are adorned with a plethora of star-shaped flowers that form an undulating blanket of colorful blooms when planted together with other phlox. Coming in a variety of solid or bicolor hues as well, these dazzling perennials can completely reshape a garden when used to fill in space or add contrast. Phlox are disease and drought resistant. Their fragrance will even attract pollinators, ensuring the vitality of your garden. Spring Hill's tried and true phlox varieties will make planting an ease, and they're delivered straight to your door.

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