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Ground Covers

  • Hens & Chicks Mix
    Hens & Chicks Mix Hens & Chicks Mix
    3 for $19.99

  • Lily-of-the-Valley
    Lily-of-the-Valley Lily-of-the-Valley
    6 for $19.99
  • Hardy English Primrose
    Hardy English Primrose Hardy English Primrose
    3 for $21.99
  • Hardy Cyclamen
    Hardy Cyclamen Hardy Cyclamen
    3 for $12.99
  • Princess Nadia Ajuga
    Princess Nadia Ajuga
    Princess Nadia Ajuga
    1 for $9.99

Make your garden more appealing—and choke out weeds—with groundcovers. Often called green mulch, groundcover plants are hardworking and tough. They're also decorative, available in a range of textures and green colors. They do just what their name says, making them ideal for landscape transitions in that you can reduce mulching expense and time. They're also ideal for challenging areas like beneath trees where flowers won't grow, between rocks, and down slopes to prevent erosion and/or to improve safety by eliminating mowing. Groundcovers are a popular garden choice because they provide weed control. They are easy to grow and maintain, especially if you choose native plants. Once planted, they hold up for many years, and some varieties withstand light foot traffic. They rarely require regular fertilizing, and many varieties do well with rain only as a water source.

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