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Bushy Clematis

  • Chloe Clematis
    Chloe Clematis
    Chloe Clematis
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A departure from the long, climbing clematis you see on trellises and fences. This non-vining plant brings the outstanding blooms clematis are known for to a whole new area of the garden. It's sure to be one your gardening friends ask about--it's just such a unique habit. Bushy clematis are perfect for planting in beds and borders. You can hide a little plant ring among the blooms to get that lovely shape... Or let it grow in between your perennial shrubs and it will use them as support, creating a seamless display in your garden bed. Bushy clematis are herbaceous and mounding, dying to the ground at the end of one growing season and jumping back up in the next.

Not all Clematis are pruned the same way--see our Easy Stoplight Pruning Guide.

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